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About The Allied Health Academy

Empowering the future of allied health

The Allied Health Academy offers a suite of specialised programs tailored to allied health professionals and employers. We host diversified communities of practice that facilitate peer support and continuous learning.

Personalised mentoring, advisory services, and exclusive membership programs are focused on addressing the distinctive challenges that that we face in the allied health sector.

Founder Dr Susan Nancarrow, a former clinician, executive and professor with over twenty years’ international experience in allied health and higher education, brings her wealth of insights and expertise to The Allied Health Academy’s communities of practice and the specialised learning community programs.

Our team of expert allied health advisers and mentors deliver comprehensive programs that cater to your career progression requirements. Join The Allied Health Academy to elevate your career and become an integral part of our inclusive and supportive community.

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Member Benefits

By becoming a member of The Allied Health Academy and using our advisory services, you will gain the following benefits:

Professional networks: Connect and collaborate with a diverse community of allied health professionals, industry experts, and business owners to expand your professional network and forge valuable relationships.

Comprehensive learning programs: Access specialised entrepreneurship pre-accelerator programs, short courses, and workforce programs tailored for the allied healthcare industry to enhance your knowledge, skills, and business acumen. 

Prestigious postnominals: Earn exclusive postnominals (Fellow, Associate or Student of The Allied Health Academy) that recognise your expertise and achievements, boosting your professional credibility and setting you apart in the allied health sector.

Personalised advisory services: Receive personalised 1:1 mentoring and advisory sessions from experienced industry experts to gain guidance, support, and insights for overcoming challenges and achieving your professional goals.

Exclusive resources and opportunities: Gain access to industry insights, research findings, customised training solutions, and opportunities for collaboration and partnerships within the allied health community.

By becoming a member of The Allied Health Academy and utilising our advisory services, you’ll gain the knowledge, support, and resources needed to excel in your allied health career, stay ahead of industry changes, and make a positive impact in healthcare.


What is The Allied Health Academy?

The Allied Health Academy is a global company headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. Our comprehensive programs, available both in-person and online, empower allied health professionals with cutting-edge solutions tailored to their unique needs. We offer a wide range of online learning courses, in-person entrepreneurship programs with expert mentors, and advisory services for allied health professionals, allied health businesses, and healthcare providers.

Who can benefit from The Allied Health Academy?

Our programs and services cater to allied health professionals, associations, healthcare providers, businesses, and organisations seeking professional development, career advancement, and customised training solutions in the healthcare industry.

What benefits do I receive as a member of The Allied Health Academy? 

As a member, you gain access to expert mentorship, professional networking opportunities, career advancement services, advisory support. You also become part of a global community of allied health professionals and associations.

Can I receive support and guidance for my career path? 

Absolutely! Our experienced mentors and advisory services are dedicated to providing personalised support and guidance to help you navigate your career path in the allied health industry. We offer resources, career placement assistance, and strategies for professional development.

How do I join The Allied Health Academy? 

To join simply select one of our programs and gain access to our community. You can also reach out to our team for more information and assistance in becoming a member.

Can The Allied Health Academy provide customised training solutions for healthcare facilities and businesses? 

Yes, we offer tailored consulting and customised training solutions for healthcare facilities and businesses. Our team understands the unique needs of healthcare organisations and can develop specialised programs to meet specific requirements.

Is The Allied Health Academy recognised globally? 

Yes, we have a global presence and are recognised as a reputable provider in the allied health industry. Our community includes professionals from around the world, allowing for a diverse exchange of knowledge and experiences.

How can I stay updated on the latest news and offerings from The Allied Health Academy? 

Join one of our programs to join The Allied Health Academy community of practice where you will receive free content.

We are here to assist you on your allied health journey.